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The people who work at SL are the type of people with whom you would want to chat over coffee. They are smart, driven, motivated and dedicated. They place the customers' needs first and provide effective strategy consulting solutions. They come to SL to grow, learn and expand their understanding of the business world. This in turn helps us in attaining a prominent position in the industry as a dependable Business Strategy Consulting Firm in Delhi.

Mr. Lalit Khanna, Founder & Managing Director, SL Consultants

A dynamic leader with over 24 years of extensive cross-functional experience with some of the most trusted global brands such as SL Consultants, Max New York Life Insurance, Onida, Hindustan Unilever, Thomson, and Konka. Being the Founder and the Managing Director of SL Consultants, Khanna is responsible for all the core functionalities of the company worldwide.

He holds P.G Diploma in Sales & Marketing from NIS (a division of NIIT) and a Certificate in Enterprise Management from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. During the past 24-years in the corporate world, he made splendid efforts for the growth and success of both the organizations and people with his exceptional leadership & managerial skills in Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, 360-degree.

Marketing, Resource Optimization, and Capacity Management. At SL Consultants, Khannas responsibilities revolve around to envision organizational goals and create plans and strategies that help to achieve these goals. He is the inspirational force to all team members for achieving individuals and groups targets. Till date, he has made commendable efforts in harvesting a congenial atmosphere which helps in evolving right work culture in the organisation. Year after year, the company has registered massive growth under the inspirational leadership of Lalit Khanna and includes a wide range of clientele list including UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Ltd. (GoI Company), Akums Pharmaceuticals, Lancer Footwear, Unicorn Denmart, Virgo Laminates, Indag Rubber Ltd., Plaza Cables, Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd and many more.

Lalit is an assertive, outspoken, and thoughtful person who enjoys satisfaction in both personal and professional life. He loves reading business books and magazines, discovering placing and personalities, business and social networking, watching movies based on true stories, and above all spending quality moments with family and friends.

Why We Do - Our Belief

All Business Establishments are run by Elite Group Of People, who provide living to others, create wealth for their people and above all add to the national economy. These elite people are commonly known as Entrepreneurs.

If we can promote these Elite Group Of People of our nation or globe in growing fast as well as in a profitable way, so that they can offer large to the domestic or world economy, can provide living to many families and accomplish their personal business objectives.

In this manner we contribute to the mother earth, as we firmly believe in "Vashudev Kutumbkam" that is: whole earth is our mother and all people are our brothers & sisters.

What We Do

There should be a system able to make big growth for the organization along with reducing the wastage, increasing the productivity and effective communication. The nature of a system should be build for a long-term and sustainable growth.

For instance, our strategy consulting solutions help our industrial clients to run a growth oriented business with better business decisions & opportunities.

Not to miss keeping in consideration of market facts & realities about our own positioning in the industry & among competition.

How We Do

Based on the requirements our expert consultants provide world-class solutions, which are tested & proven for given situation to produce the desired results.

Not only we introduce new systems we hand hold the doers to ensure they do it right every time to take their company to next level of performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Last but not least, SL places the welfare of the community as a top priority. We advise our clients for using the best CSR practices, with the aim of making our planet a cleaner, greener and more equitable place.

Our clients come from all sectors, from publicly owned companies to small businesses to large manufacturers. We offer customized solutions such as strategy consulting services to fit all needs of clients. 


Climbing the mountain of success in a steady manner, this organization has a vision of bringing in a revolutionary change in the market and thus becoming a highly respected Business Strategy Consulting Firm in Delhi. Modifying the way you look at a business, we wish to sow the seed of IoT in your business, enabling your operations to spread across endless boundaries and attain hoards of success and positive results.

International Branch in Paris:

Address : 19 Rue Telegraphe Paris - 75020 France
Contact Person : Mr. Sandeep Sethi
Mobile no : 00 33 623014548

Corporate Office
E-35, Lajpat Nagar III,
New Delhi - 110024, India