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Our Approach

We work with many major organizations to provide integrated solutions to their business and market challenges with innovative ideas and right management consultancy services. Our approach is embraced by our customers and it has helped us do a profound work in the industry. Our professionals around the globe leverage deep knowledge of the industry across different verticals. As a team we deliver the right solutions in the key areas of client development and growth.  

Our Management Consultancy Services help companies based across multiple industry turfs to overcome the following key challenges:
  • Low profit margin
  • Employee retention
  • Customer retention
  • Low productivity/output per employee
  • Market competition
  • Market reach & expansion
  • Industry know-how
  • Dealing with dealers & distributors
  • Market research & marketing plan
  • IT solutions (ERP), etc.

Being an ISO certified company of excellent business repute, we have a proven track record of devising tailor-made solutions that perfectly match up to requirement of individual client. We also formulate various plans that help family-owned businesses secure and sustain both immediate and enduring growth. Our management consultancy services are designed for productivity, cost benefits and growth of businesses. 

Services Offered

  • HR Systems Management: We re-engineer your human resource process in such a way that helps you benefit from high number of 'engaged' employees. Consequently, your human resource becomes more dedicated, productive, satisfied, and goal-oriented. We do this by following well-defined systems in performance/appraisal management, job role allotment, streamlined hierarchy, and adequate human recourse.

  • PMS: Our Performance Management Systems help in ensuring per employee high productivity and work output. 

  • Internal Systems & Process Management: Our Internal Systems & Process Management are designed to improve coordination within various departments, thereby streamlining job role and work accountability of employees. This leads to 'per employee' productivity and also minimizes wastage or over lapping.

  • Developing of Business Strategies: We specialize in dealer & distributor productivity management. Whether expanding market reach, devising marketing strategies, and market research, or aiding companies in new product launch, we can offer various strategic solutions that realign your business for better productivity and growth.

  • Market Research: We help organizations take well-informed business decisions via our market research solutions.

  • Internal & Market audit (Mystery shopping): We offer third party surprise audits for internal systems; exposing facts 'as they are' in front of the management.

  • IT Business Solutions: We formulate comprehensive and well-designed integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system as per company's specific processes &  systems.

  • Services for International Clients: These services meet needs of clients who look forward to expanding business in the Indian market. Under this service section, we offer legal & infrastructure support, market research, manpower, new product launch, internal systems & processes, mystery audits, finance & internal audits, and more.

  • Credit Rating (Fitch): We are empanelled with India Credit rating. This helps us offer support and service assistance to our valued clients with their credit rating requirement for different business purposes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At SL Consultants, we keep up with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and do the best possible to provide effective management consultancy services and other business solutions. Following this, we focus not only in increasing our profit margins but work towards safeguarding and improving the welfare of the community as a whole. Every client we deal with is advised to implement, follow and discharge the best corporate social responsibilities and practices, and work with a unified aim of making the world a better, greener, cleaner, and safer place to live in.

Customer-oriented working

A majority of the businesses work in the industry as per their own wishes. They do what they feel is correct. But this is not what happens at our establishment. There is a reason why we are acknowledged as the providers of one of the best Marketing Audit Services in Delhi, and the reason is our customer-oriented working approach, Taking into consideration the particular needs of our valuable patrons, we look forward at matching these preferences and yield them with an effective and dependable range of IoT(Internet of Things) Services in India.

International Branch in Paris:

Address : 19 Rue Telegraphe Paris - 75020 France
Contact Person : Mr. Sandeep Sethi
Mobile no : 00 33 623014548

Corporate Office
E-35, Lajpat Nagar III,
New Delhi - 110024, India